[Untitled] EP/Album Collector's Edition

The limited collector's edition of both the [untitled] e.p. and [Untitled] contains all 19 tracks from both releases spread across three heavy-weight LPs running at 45rpm and two accompanying CD's. All of the music is beautifully packaged together in a conceptual all white-on-white, 60-page, hardbound book and features a series of "white paintings" from artist, Vasily Kafanov. What the pages lacks in pigment the [Untitled] EP/Album Collector's Edition makes up for in its use of textures, techniques, and tactility to create a listening experience truly unique to these two releases.

• All 19 Tracks across both the EP and the Album
• 60 Page Hardcover Lyric Book w/ an experimental layout and design
• A conceptual white-on-white interior achieved with different printing techniques (foil-stamping, embossing, spot gloss) and various stocks of paper
• EP Vinyl (2 Sides at 45rpm), Album Vinyl (4 Sides at 45rpm)
• Packaged with CDs of both the EP and Album
• Features original white paintings by Vasily Kafanov
• Digital Download Included (EP available 8/17, Album available 10/5)